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Frequently Asked Questions


A Travel Agent typically has a one-size-fits-all approach to planning and their service can be generic and often lacks a personal touch. They usually take care of booking the basics for you (flight, lodging and some key activities), still requiring a lot of time, research and planning on your part to coordinate everything else. A Travel Planner however, offers a 1:1 approach. They will get to know you - your personality, likes and dislikes etc. to ensure they are crafting a custom itinerary that is as unique as you are. This personal touch ensures that you can just embark and enjoy, knowing that the itinerary is exactly what you were hoping for! Destinations Designed takes a step further and not only crafts your custom itinerary for you, but will also take care of booking and making your arrangements as well. It's the best of both worlds! 

What's the difference between a Travel Agent and a Travel Planner?


Your custom itinerary will include a fully detailed plan for each day, meant to offer a smooth and seamless transition from stop by stop. Stops will include free activities, paid activities, tours and excursions, as well as food and beverage options here and there and things to see along the way. Hotel and transportation recommendations will also be made, as needed. Flights are not part of your custom itinerary however and you will be responsible for identifying and securing those before the planning process can begin. While I am available via email during your trip, it things go off course, please understand that I am not available for on demand help over the course of your vacation.   

What is and isn't included in a custom itinerary? 


YES! While I have some activities, restaurants and accommodations that I've recommended more than once, I absolutely build each itinerary from scratch depending on budget, travel style / preferences, interests and personality. 

Is my trip really custom built?


Your itinerary fee ($50 / day, regardless of the number of travelers) is paid upfront and will officially secure my services. A credit card will be kept on file and used upon authorization, once the itinerary is finalized, to purchase and book all necessary arrangements.

*NOTE: There is an adjustment in the daily fee for 'last minute bookings' (i.e. 60 or less days out) 

How does payment work? 


Of course. Meeting your budget requirements is my number one goal and every step of the itinerary will take it into consideration. 


Upon trip cancellation, there are no refunds on the itinerary booking fee. Best efforts to facilitate refunds from service providers will be made, but refunds will be governed by the individual refund policies of the respective service providers. Any refund obtained will be passed on to you. While it's not anticipated, if for some reason you are unhappy with your experience, let's discuss planning a future trip at no cost to you.

Will the itinerary keep our budget in mind? 

Do you offer refunds?


Yes, in fact it is preferred! If there is anything you'd like to ensure I include, don't include or just general input, please share that on our 'getting to know you' call so I can factor it in from the beginning. You will also have an opportunity to give feedback on the proposed itinerary, before finalizing and paying for all necessary arrangements. 

Can I give input on the itinerary?


No problem! If there is a day where planning just isn't required (ex. you know you're going to be on a plane all day, or you plan to spend the whole day at the beach), that's ok, we'll just eliminate that day from the itinerary. 

What if I only need help planning part of my trip?

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