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Weekend Getaway in North Carolina

While I’ve been to North Carolina several times in my life, it’s been quite awhile and I was excited to spend a couple days in Raleigh-Durham and Greensboro! Have a look at where I stayed, where I ate and what I did on my weekend getaway in North Carolina! 

What I did:

  • North Carolina Museum of Art (in Raleigh): Lovely Art Museum, but I particularly enjoyed the Museum Park. The Museum Park consists of a variety of trails you can explore, that include native plants, wildlife, a pond and a series of both permanent and temporary large sculptures and art installations. Both the museum and park are free to visit.

  • State Farmers Market (in Raleigh): Supposedly one of the best Farmers Markets in the country and it didn’t disappoint! Lots of unique finds and goodies to browse or purchase. It is open year round and 7 days a week.

  • Sarah P. Duke Gardens (in Durham): I loved these gardens! There were so many different areas and themed gardens across the 55 acres, so you were constantly met with a different feel and look. I wish I had the opportunity to visit in warmer weather, but even in February, these gardens were lovely. Keep in mind that while the gardens are free, parking is paid ($2/hr) and does fill up fast.

  • International Civil Rights Center & Museum (in Greensboro): If you weren’t already aware, Greensboro is the site of the first-ever sit-in protest during the Civil Rights Movement in 1960. Four African American college students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University staged a sit-in at the Woolworth's lunch counter in downtown Greensboro to protest racial segregation. This museum is in the actual Woolworth’s building and the lunch counter remains in it’s original state. In addition to viewing the lunch counter, you can also tour the rest of the museum, which focuses on various aspects of the Civil Rights movement in our country. This museum was very well done in my opinion and I thought it was really neat that it was housed in the very building where the original sit-in took place. Tickets are $15 for self guided, or $20 for a staff guided.

  • Walked around downtown Durham and Greensboro, as they both have quaint walkable downtown areas with shops, restaurants etc..

Where I ate and drank:

  • Core Life Eatery serves grain bowls, salads, wraps etc. in a fast casual environment (i.e. counter service). I got the Tuna Poke Fire bowl and it was absolutely delicious!   

  • Print Works Bistro is a fancy french bistro inside a gorgeous hotel. I loved the atmosphere of this restaurant and had a great time chatting with a couple folks I met while sitting at the bar. I went here for dinner, but heard their brunch is excellent.I would highly recommend their brussels sprouts! 

  • Union Special is a great lunch spot known for the BLT and I can confirm it’s worth ordering (and don’t skip the chow chow)! If you don’t know what chow chow is, it’s a pickled relish that varies in ingredients based on the region, the person making it etc.

  • Machete has a long list of accolades and awards that are reason enough to go, but I can also testify that the food is delicious! The black cod was divine.

  • Cheesecakes by Alex was recommended to me over and over, so I had to check it out. Let me say that it lives up to the hype! There are so many unique flavors on the menu (22 in fact) to choose from, but I opted for the Kahlua Espresso and it was delicious…light and airy, but also rich. I definitely could have eaten more than 1 slice, but I refrained from doing so.

  • The Raleigh Times is a local watering hole, housed in a 100 year old building. It is named after the old newspaper in Raleigh and you can find clippings images covering the walls, from the time the paper was in production. I had a delicious local IPA during my visit, as well as the bacon wrapped figs stuffed with goat cheese, which were unfortunately just meh. I really loved the atmosphere though, of this popular spot.

Where I stayed

  • Hyatt Place in downtown Greensboro: There was nothing unique or special about this hotel, but it was clean and comfortable. There was also parking on site ($12 / day) and in standard Hyatt fashion, included a hot breakfast. NOTE: If you are in the points game like I am, Hyatt hotels have one of the best redemption rates out there!

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