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Weekend Getaway in Texas

Updated: Mar 31

I recently spent a few days in Texas, for a long weekend getaway, stopping in Waco, Dallas and Fort Worth. While I didn't have a ton of free time, I did cram in quite a bit. If you'd like to see what I did, where I ate and where I stayed - keep reading!

What I did:

  • Magnolia Silos (Waco): If you're a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines like I am, visiting the Gaines 'mecca' is a non-negotiable! It was so fun to see the Magnolia Campus in person, after watching it come to life on television - and while I was hoping for a Chip or Joanna siting, I was unfortunately not so lucky. I spent a couple hours strolling the 6 adorable boutique shops, as well as the gorgeous Magnolia Market and Magnolia Home. I had lunch at The Cheddar Box, one of the many food trucks on site and opted for a grilled cheese with gouda, bacon and basil on sourdough, (which was really good) and some tomato soup, which was unfortunately not so good. I also loved the lemonade! Before ending my visit, I grabbed a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery and popped into Magnolia Press to spend a couple more hours getting some work done. Highly recommend their house blend coffee (I liked it so much I bought a bag to bring home).

  • The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza (Dallas): If you're a history buff, this stop is for you. This is a small museum all about JFK, his murder, the conspiracies that surrounded it and what happened after. The coolest part is that it is actually located inside the Book Depository, on the 6th floor where Lee Harvey Oswald sat and fired his weapon. You can look at the window and see the grassy knoll, the X's on the group where the shots made contact with JFK and all the other landmarks you've seen in photos and on video. This museum was really well done.

  • Bishop Arts District stroll / shopping (Dallas): Unfortunately the weather wasn't great the day I set aside to visit the Bishop Arts District, but all the shops were so close together that it wasn't too bad. This district has tons of great shops, restaurants etc. and you could easily spend an entire day exploring. Here's a list of the shops I visited: Mod + Jo, All Good Things, Mosaic Makers Collective, Zsa Zsa's Unique Boutique, Urban Owl, SOCIETY by Jackson Vaughn, Blue Dahlia and Bella & Brawn. NOTE: there is a very cute dog named River, behind the desk at All Good Things and he would be happy to give you all the kisses!

  • Honorable Mentions: These are places I'd planned to visit, but didn't get a chance due to rain / bad weather:

Where I ate:

  • Salata (Fort Worth): Think of what Chipotle is for Mexican food, but for salads instead (i.e. quick counter service / build your own). Good variety and quality of ingredients and their spicy chicken (and Chipotle Ranch) were both truly spicy - which is sort of rare!

  • Town Hearth (Dallas): This was such a cool place, with a great vibe...chandeliers, luxurious looking seating and a vintage car, as well as fish tank right in the middle of the dining room. I had the steak tartare, fried brussels sprouts and a lychee martini. I would highly recommend all three, except I wish the crostini was more like toasted, soft bread vs crisp / cracker like.

  • Tribal All Day Cafe (Dallas): Cute, small cafe with outdoor seating. Tons of yummy things on this menu, but I had the lox bagel plate (mmm...pickled onions)! They also make their own homemade juices.

  • Meddlesome Moth (Dallas): Unassuming gastropub with an elevated menu. I had the poké bowl and it was delicious. NOTE: be prepared to have to valet here

  • The Salty (Dallas): I popped into this adorable donut shop, to pick up some donuts for a client. They had so many delicious flavors on the menu (like horchata, brown butter and salt, whipped lemon ricotta bomboloni etc.), that I didn't know what to pick. And I didn't get to try any of them either - waah!!

Where I stayed:

  • Hyatt Place (Dallas / North Arlington / Grand Prairie:) I have status with both Marriott and IHG, but Hyatt has such an amazing point value that I've really been sticking to Hyatt's lately. Unfortunately this one left much to be desired. There were internet issues, my hair dryer didn't work properly, the light in the bathroom flickered like a strobe light and there were some things that just didn't appear as though they took great care of the rooms. This was not up to what I have historically found to be Hyatt's standards, so I would recommend staying elsewhere.

Image of wooden plaque with a star, sign of Texas.

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