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Top Travel Picks and Gadgets for Your 2024 Adventures

Whether you're a seasoned globetrotter or planning your first getaway, let's dive into the top travel gadgets for 2024, that promise to elevate your travel game and add a touch of convenience and comfort to your journeys.

  1. Twelve South AirFly Audio Transmitter: With this nifty gadget you can continue using your favorite wireless headphones with the in-flight entertainment systems, even if they're only equipped with a headphone jack. Say goodbye to using the uncomfortable, low quality headphones the airline passes out, just so you can watch a movie and hello to seamless, high-quality sound wherever your travels take you.

  2. Bagsmart compression cubes: If you thought packing cubes were a game changer, wait until you try compression cubes! Like regular packing cubes, compression cubes are designed to help you organize your clothes and belongings. What sets compression cubes apart however is their double zipper system which allows you to compress the contents of the cube by eliminating excess air. This is a game changer for over packers!

  3. Fyy Cable organizer: Let's face it, as much as we try not to be dependent on our electronics, they are very much a part of our lives and vacation doesn't make that any less true. The FYY Cable Organizer is a sleek and practical solution designed to tame the cable chaos in your life. With multiple compartments and elastic loops, this organizer keeps your cables, chargers, and accessories neatly organized and easily accessible. Its compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go use, ensuring you can carry your essentials with ease no matter where you're headed.

  4. Benevolence LA jewelry box: There's nothing quite as exasperating as reaching into your bag for a specific piece of jewelry, only to find it entangled in a mess of knots with other accessories. Enter the Benevolence LA jewelry box. With multiple compartments, including ring rolls and necklace hooks, this box is designed to keep your jewelry tangle-free and easily accessible. The best part about's as pretty as it is practical (and it's Oprah approved)!

  5. Airplane Pockets: If you get as grossed out as I do about reaching your hand into the pocket on the back of the seat in front of you, then this product is for you! These are essentially seat back organizers, specifically designed to fit onto the tray table and airplane seat in front of you. They provide multiple compartments and pockets for electronics, documents or magazines, snacks and your water bottle, as well as designated spaces for essentials like headphones and chargers. In addition to storage, Airplane Pockets also cover the surface of your tray table, providing a clean space for you to use, as well as eat off of while on board.

  6. Cadence Magnetic Travel Capsules: These are the perfect solution to storing your medication, creams, gels and any other similar products. You can purchase these small leak proof, magnetic hexagon shaped capsules in a variety of sizes and colors. They connect like a honeycomb, allowing you to make your own personal set based on your individual needs. Included with the containers are customized labels based on what and how you'd like to organize. They are attractive, durable and TSA size approved for liquids. Plus who doesn't love supporting a woman owned and led business!

  7. Ucomx Nano Wireless Charging Pad: If you are an Apple product user that has succumbed to the trifecta (apple phone, apple watch, apple air pods), then this is the product for you! This fold flat portable charger supports all 3 devices at once, with one cord and one outlet (which is especially helpful when traveling internationally and adapter numbers are limited).

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